Version History


* Added "File Versions Unapproved", which gives the possibility to delete file versions that aren't approved (so old/earlier files in most situations);


* Added "File Leftovers", which gives the possibility to delete files that are not connected to any available files from the installation;
* Added "Post Installation" popup dialog, to immediately get started with the Add-On (no need to manually navigate after installation);
* Developers: Changed all alias/facade usages into their full qualified namespaces to improve speed (since being used in loops);
* Developers: Added EOL for each file per PRS-2 requirements;


* Fixed another issue with parsing doctrine entities, for packages using the $pkgAutoloaderRegistries variable;


* Fixed another issue with parsing doctrine entities, for packages implementing the "getEntityManagerProvider" function (those entities were not included before);


* Updated parsing of doctrine entities, so it does match old/other usage too - like @Table(name="StatisticsUserAgents") instead of @ORM\Table(name="StatisticsUserAgents");
* Fixed deleting directories within the temporary (tmp) directory, which caused issues before (directories were not recognized as directories);


* Clicking "Show files" under the "Files" page/tab will expand them down instead of showing them in a popover;
* Parse doctrine entities of Packages as well, these were being left out before in the "Database" section (and thus listing too many database tables, which still belonged to installed Packages);


* Adding "Page Versions", which gives the possibility to delete old page versions (except for the last 10);
* Added bootstrap.collapse and bootstrap.transition for concrete5 versions below 8.0.0, to support "collapse"/"expand" items from Bootstrap;
* Added check if "/updates" directory exists (in case some installations have them completely deleted for some reason);
* Added extra tables for the "Database" section to exclude from the list (since some come from the core or Express Objects, which are not defined in files);
* Moved the processing of "Logs" on the "General" page all the way to the bottom, since some optimizations (like "Stacks") may create additional logs;


* Initial Release;