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How to use?

Hello, would somebody please offer me some instructions for this? I have the block available, but where do I put it? ...Confused...

Works, then it doesn't

I got the background video working, but.... 1) does not work in Exploder or Opera ever 2) sometimes the video loads, sometimes not I have a pretty good connection so that is not the issue. We tried it on my son's pc and none of the vids load.

I must be a total moron

Hello! (see subject line) I purchased City Night and the this add-on, added a block to the main, set a background, and a video. Now I'm like duh.... Is there something else I'm supposed to do? Do I need to modify the theme? The site is currently…

Android and mobile

This package completely jacks up a page on Android. There should be some browser specs in future upgrades.

youtube... animoto?

This would also be great if it can run with a foto-upload-create-movie-with-it tool. maybe it's already possible to do so. then it's just an nice remarkt to the animoto movie builders :)

Option to no repeat forever and/or disable audio by user choice

Hi, just installed on a site and what I've to say is that's a bomb! BUT 1) If someone lefts a page tab open (like in all modern browsers) and goes somewhere else in another tab, the video/audio repeats forever. This can be annoying. What about a stop bu…

option to put it on background not just container background?

Hello. Great product. Would love to buy it. Is it possible to have the background as the this plug-in, not just the container background. I'd really love to have a solid black container background you see, with glowing edges provided by this wonderful …

Element ID

I'd like to limit the background to the main area. I don't know what the elementID is to do that or where to find it. Any help would be appreciated

Not working in IE?

Hi all I just installed this on my site, Works fine in Opera, Chrome and the like, but not in IE... What's wrong? Isn't IE supposed to be supported? Best RizzzO

Option to Upload a Video

This looks like a useful add-on. I was thinking that it would be even better if we could upload a video (preferably a .flv) and use that instead of using YouTube (I think the youtube logo may confuse site visitors a bit). Can this be done in a future vers…

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