Q: What are the Channel Types that are available in this add-on? 
A: There are 4 Channel Types:

  • Uploads - The videos that are uploaded by the user specified.
  • Favorites - These are the videos that are in the list of "favorites" of the user specified.
  • Subcriptions - This shows the latest videos that the user subscribed to.
  • Playlists - This is the set of videos that the user compiled.
Basically, the videos are ordered by the date it was posted, from the latest to oldest.

Q: Some videos in my YouTube Channel are not being displayed?
A: By default this add-on will just show videos that YOU upload to YouTube. As of version 1.0.4 you can now choose to show 6 different types of videos from your Channel including: favourites, subscriptions and playlists.

Q: Will this add-on show all new YouTube videos are that uploaded to my account?
A: Yes, any new videos added to your YouTube channel are automatically added.

Q: Can I turn off showing "related" videos at the end of my video?
A: Yes, with v1.0.2 this option has been added. 

Q: How can I control date the formatting if I wish to display the date with each video?
A: Look at the "help" tab on the editor interface, it contains a bunch of examples of different date formats that are supported. 

Q: Will this work on the iPhone?
A: Yes, with version 1.1, it now supports iOS devices. 


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