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You Tube Pro, Heading

I installed the YouTube Pro and added a tab but when I got there the main heading above the videos says undefined. How can I change that? Site is:

Force 720p video by default?

Hi, thanks for this great addon. I need one tweak though... How I can configure or alter the script so that it plays the 720p variant by default? I always starts with 480p although my video on the website is 930px wide and 480p just doesn't look rea…

Hide pause button?

Is there a way to make the pause button disappear? As far as I can tell it stays visible on top of the video at all times, unless you move your mouse outside of the video area (which, on a fullscreen video, is not easy to do... Pretty annoying : ) than…

Didn't Work at First.

It didn't work at first but the developer was more than helpful in sorting out the issue. Great Support!

Any plans for adding a playlist?

Would be really nice to have a bottom or side playlist tied to a playlist in one's account, or added individually through the dashboard/edit block. Any plans to add this feature?


I've just purchased this add on, installed it but it does not work. The standard youtube black works fine. I wondering whether the API is assigned correctly or something?

Please help

Cannot get youtube pro to work in website. What am I doing wrong? I click add new block in main and choose youtubepro, than input the url from youtube and choose the width. And than nothing appears on the site. I have no issue with the standard youtub…

Full Screen?

Is there a way to add a Full screen togle button to this? I know the idea is for minimal controls, but I'd love to have the option to include volume and full screen controls. Thanks

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