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Setting up an image gallery on a web site managed by a web content management system (CMS) gives you the opportunity to click a lot around that CMS:

  • upload each image
  • link each image to the gallery
  • issue tags or captions to each image
  • order the images (on demand)

Why this? Life is too short to repeat all these boring jobs for each image!

Adobe Lightroom is the tool of my choice for image processing. I do enter all keywords and titles and captions on processing the images there.

Image workflow oriented solution

Facing the task list mentioned above I decided to develop an image workflow oriented solution:

  • process images in Lightroom issuing all image information
  • export images from Lightroom as jpg files including all meta information
  • zip all demanded images in order of appearance
  • upload image ZIP file
  • set up a we page with a link to the ZIP file

The last three steps replace the initial task list.

Plugins for concrete5

Concrete5 in different versions embeds different WYSIWYG editors:

  • redactor in versions 5.x
  • cdeditor in version 8.x

For both editor versions plugins are containded in this add-on.


Localised support is available for english (en) and german (de).

Installation and user guides

Installation and user guides are available at my website.




I don't expect any compensation for this add-on. If it has been useful to you feel free to donate to me via PayPal.

Current Version: 0.9.5
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Needs External Libraries: No
License: Standard
Support Response: Replies to tickets every few days.
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Needs Internet: No
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