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Review posted by 3hawk on at

One of my standard add-ons

I use this add-on on many sites. Great function, and free! Thank you, Remo.
Review posted by ajmal on at

Nice add on

Thanks for this great free add-on
Review posted by wagdi on at

Zoom image

Works great. Does the job. No Qualms.

Thanks for another great FREE add-on!
Review posted by globalnerds on at

Nice Add on

It was easy to work with AND it was FREE!
Review posted by dibbc on at

Nice module, thanks!

I was looking for a nice thumbnail module, this does the trick just fine. Here's a page I made with it, thanks again:
Review posted by stom07 on at


Remo, thx a lot for this really good free add-on. But i have a problem. I have to add more pics on many pages, and it's really boring to lauch the add-on for every pic, is there a way to add more pics at one lauch of the add-on??
Review posted by Remo on at

block updated

André, I added a new checkbox which allows you to display a title underneath the picture..
Review posted by monobasic on at

Good stuff

Thanks Remo for this I use it a lot..
However there is no image caption witch I solved:

In view.php change the last part to:
<div id="zoomImage<?php echo $bID;?>">
<img src="<?php echo $fileName;?>" alt="<?php echo $controller->altText; ?>"/>
<p id="zoomImage<?php echo $bID;?>_caption"><?php echo $controller->altText; ?></p>

This way the alt text of the image will be used for the image caption.
Review posted by synlag on at

Zoom Zoom Zoom

Wow, what a great block and look it's free!

THX Remo
Review posted by agenceAparte on at

great job

thank you !
Review posted by riczito on at

Sorted out the bug

It was a fancyzoom bug, and the fix is as follows :

Having trouble with the image-popup being behind other elements? Etc. when other scripts like this are in use.

Try this:

fancyzoom.js line 10:

div id=”zoom” style=”display:none;”

edit to:

div id=”zoom” style=”display:none; position: relative; z-index: 900;”

Found it on this page :

Review posted by riczito on at

ZoomImage z-index bug?


Looks like ZoomImage isn't compatible with the Slideshow block. Each time the slideshow loads a new slide it loads it ABOVE the zoomed image.

See this page for an example :
click on "projection"

Any way around this?
Review posted by jgarcia on at

Works like a charm

This block is great. Works perfectly! Thanks Remo!
Review posted by Styves on at

I like it...

Thanks Remo for this good add-on. And most of all for your selfless contribution in so many ways to the C5 community.

May the best still continue to come for you.
God bless you dearly!

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