Really nice theme for my new album. Thank you.


The concrete5 theme with its features and technical details is perfectly matched to artists who want to promote their current album. The best state-of-the-art design is easy to edit, and provides features that are tailored to promotions.

The theme consists of two page templates:

  • The starting page is the key element on which the album is promoted and emphasized.
  • The content pages are designed for legal texts, lyrics, background information and ‘about us’ pages.

To put your album in the limelight you can upload the album cover, use the title and subtitle as well as change the background. Use your own logo and adjust the theme colours to match your corporate identity for a uniform appearance. You can link your social media channels or add links to some individual music streaming services such as Deezer, Spotify, Amazon and iTunes. The artist theme is, of course, compatible with version 8 and runs with the concret5 version 5.7 and higher. With the theme installed you also get the demo content which makes the personal content settings easier and provides a good overview of the design.

Of course, the theme is responsive, so it sets the album on all end devices.

Facts in short:

  • Compatible with version 8
  • Two page templates: Starting page for promoting, subpages for information, ‘about us’ pages and more.
  • Background and colors adjustable to the corporate identity
  • Linking of social media channels & music streaming services possible
  • Simple design focuses on the essentials
  • Responsive designed for all end devices.

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