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home page type

I have installed Black accent theme which has three column home page but when activated home page is Rt sidebar type page. In the dash board > page type I can see three column type as package. How do I change my site home page to three column type. I have…

uneven padding on columns

This is driving me nuts and Im not sure how I did it, but if you go to you will see two images of 45" record adapters on either side of the logo. The images are identical, but for some reason the one on the left has a bottom border, a…

cant get rid of site name

I'm having trouble figuring out how to hide my sight name. I have a logo, and it is displaying, but if you look one upper left hand of the screen you can still see the site name. Any help on how to get rid of the txt would be greatly appreciated.

Change Background Color

Hi! Thanks so much for the theme! I love it. I am new to this and i just started a trance website using your theme ( I am trying to change the background color to black, i was wondering how? And also i selected drop down menu toolb…

3 column option

I installed theme - fired it up and when i ADD PAGE i do no see any option for "3 COLUMN" All i see is blog entry, full, left, right. Note: i am using the NEWEST concrete updated. maybe it does not work with the NEWEST??? thanks

Where I can put my site name?

Kindly point where I can put the site's name? Thank you. I tried with Global Scrapbook. Is that facility not here? Binoy

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