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Brimstone is a very clean, responsive and fully customizable theme targeting beginner to advance users. Although the theme may be simple to look at, the backend codes are quite complex. It utilises HTML5 and CSS3 to let the end-user get the best UI experience. We always want to keep up with the newest of web technologies thats why we update this theme once or twice a month.

    Left Sidebar
    Right Sidebar
    Two Columns
    Three Columns
    Four Columns

    -Brimstone Icon

Custom Templates
        -Brimstone Body Style 1
        -Brimstone Body Style 2
        -Brimstone Breadcrumb
        -Brimstone Footleft
        -Brimstone Footright
    *Brimstone Icon
        -Icon Left
        -Icon Right
    *Page List
        -Brim Blog 2 Col
        -Brim Blog 3 Col
        -Brim Blog 4 Col
        -Brim Blog Full 30 ImgLeft
        -Brim Blog Full 30 ImgRight
        -Brim Blog Full 50 ImgLeft
        -Brim Blog Full 50 ImgRight
        -Brim Blog Thumbnail
        -Brim Plist 2 Col
        -Brim Plist 3 Col
        -Brim Plist 4 Col
        -Brim Plist Full 30 ImgLeft
        -Brim Plist Full 30 ImgRight
        -Brim Plist Full 50 ImgLeft
        -Brim Plist Full 50 ImgRight
        -Brim Plist Thumbnail
        -Brimstone Slideshow


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