1. Unzip this file in your site's packages/ directory.
2. Login to your site as an administrator.
3. Find the "Add Functionality" page in your dashboard.
4. Find this package in the list of packages awaiting installation.
5. Click the "install" button.


Custom Templates
         -Brimstone Body Style 1
        -Brimstone Body Style 2
        -Brimstone Breadcrumb
        -Brimstone Footleft
        -Brimstone Footright
    *Brimstone Icon
        -Icon Left
        -Icon Right
    *Page List
        -Brim Blog 2 Col
        -Brim Blog 3 Col
        -Brim Blog 4 Col
        -Brim Blog Full 30 ImgLeft
        -Brim Blog Full 30 ImgRight
        -Brim Blog Full 50 ImgLeft
        -Brim Blog Full 50 ImgRight
        -Brim Blog Thumbnail
        -Brim Plist 2 Col
        -Brim Plist 3 Col
        -Brim Plist 4 Col
        -Brim Plist Full 30 ImgLeft
        -Brim Plist Full 30 ImgRight
        -Brim Plist Full 50 ImgLeft
        -Brim Plist Full 50 ImgRight
        -Brim Plist Thumbnail
        -Brimstone Slideshow

        -Brimstone Icon Block


Custom Templates

All custom templates are used within the demo site. So browse around to get a better feel of what they do.

Browser Support

This theme supports Firefox, Safari, Chrome, and IE9+.

Fancy Box / Light Box

Fancy box is packaged along with this theme. Blog list images and Page list images are by default using fancy box. You can use the built in lightbox for your image as well. Add an image using block content and wrap it around a link targeting the image location. Now once your done with that, add a class name called "fancybox" to the link.


The navigation is setup so that it will always fill up the whole width of the site making sure your navigation items are displayed equally within their container. Navigation is also equipped with dropdowns up to 2 levels.



Login to your site. Hover over the big edit button on the upper left part of the screen. Click properties > Click custom properties tab and click banner. You should be able to select a banner image from the popup selection box.

Screen Shot 2015-03-03 at 11.53.57 AM.png


This is pretty much how you would do it with the banner. See above


Full Documentation please visit the demo site:

Brimstone Demo