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About Charisma

Charisma is an HTML5 theme with from one to four scrolling image areas. Responsive, and mobile-friendly it includes a mobile navigation template and a simple to set up one page option. Custom template for the Image block for using an image logo in place of a simple text site name. Each of the four scrolling image areas has the option to set a block of text overlaying it. the first image is set to have the site name or your logo image overlaying. You can also add text. There's no need for a separate mobile version of your site - it's responsive and scales and adjusts to look good in any browser or device.

Charisma features:

  • Six page types:
    1. One Panel
    2. Two Panel
    3. Three Panel
    4. Four Panel
    5. Page not found
    6. Login
    7. Blog Entry
  • Fully responsive design looks great on mobile screens
  • Built using HTML5 and CSS3
  • Grid based design
  • Built in dropdown menus
  • Uses Google Web Fonts for typography
  • Easy set up and install
  • Multi-purpose, for use by any business or individual

Custom templates for:

  • Navigation
  • Hero Unit to display text over your scrolling image
  • Forms
  • Image - either first, last or mid content (these make the image fit to the edge of their respective place in the content area
  • Pagelist

Options available per page:

  • Choose custom images for each of the scrolling areas
  • Omit header nav if using the one page option (if this is used you most likely will create your own nav using the special: Charisma One Page Nav) for up to four areas

Options available in dashboard:

  • Choose base theme design (black, gray, white or paper texture)
  • Enable FitText for hero units (fits text on small screens)
  • Enable Fitvids
  • Use inner shadows on the scrolling image areas
  • Enable Sticky Menus to have the navigation scroll with the page (always visible)


  • Google font used: Arvo and PT Sans

See a sample installation here


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