Company Theme

This theme is accessible use of HTML5+CSS3,and responsive web design. Can use in any site, If you change picture and text.

Please read About Theme Company and How to install and customize page for the detail explanation.


This theme has the Sample Content.

It's shipped with Sample Content.
May be You can easily build accessible site, if You install theme with Sample Content.

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This theme has page templates of 8 type.

  1. Home
  2. Default
  3. Full
  4. Right Sidebar
  5. Left Sidebar
  6. Page Not Found
  7. Page Forbidden
  8. Search

This theme has custom templates for blocks of 12 type.

Please use these custom templates for blocks.

  1. Autonav
    1. company_responsive_header_navigation
    2. company_breadcrumb
  2. Page List
    1. company_new_info
    2. company_thumbnail
    3. company_list
  3. FAQ
    1. company_faq
  4. Page Ttitle
    1. company_page_title
    2. company_blog_title
  5. Search
    1. company_search
  6. Date Navigation
    1. company_date_navigation
  7. Next Previous
    1. company_next_previous
  8. Topic List
    1. company_topic_list
Customizable Styles: Yes
License: Standard
Page Types: 1.Home 2.Default 3.Full 4.Right Sidebar 5.Left Sidebar 6.Page Not Found 7.Page Forbidden 8.Search
Current Version: 1.1.3
Support Response: Replies to tickets once a week or so.
Support Hosted: On
Marketplace Tests:
Passed Automated Tests
Passed PRB Review