Set up

Theme installation:
Make sure your site is connected to the concrete5 community. Open the right side panel and click 'Extend concrete5', then click 'Get More Themes'. In the search area type 'Foto Flex' and click 'Search', click on the add-on title or image to view details, then click 'Purchase'. Once downloaded and installed click 'Ok'.

Theme Activation:
Click ‘Pages & Themes’, then click ‘Activate’.

Logo size & Navigation:
There is no restriction on size of logo within reason and the header navigation bar will automatically centralise itself depending on logo height.

Site Navigation:
There are three templates for site navigation. The main nav at top of the site, a vertical nav in sidebar of 'About' page and 'breadcrumb' trail at top of all pages. The main nav is NOT directly editable, however links to pages will automatically appear or disappear depending on which pages you want to be visible.

Retina set up:
When using any image if you want to accommodate retina displays, make dimensions 50% less than actual size in the 'File Manager'.

Edit Mode:
When in 'Edit Mode' a dashed border appears around existing blocks for ease of viewing.

Theme presets (Colours & Typeface):
The package comes with five 'preset' colour schemes, Grey (default), Blue, Green, Red and Yellow. Change a preset when logged in, click 'Gear' icon top left of page. click 'Design'. Under 'Theme' click 'Customize'. Under 'Preset' click 'Expand' and click a colour. Wait for typeface and colours to change, when happy click ‘Save Changes’ at bottom right of page. With pop up dialogue box you can choose whether to save the preset to flow across the whole of the site or just the page you’re editing.

Changing colours and typeface:
Same as above, go to the ‘Customize Theme’ panel and click on which ever typeface or colour box you want to change.

Feature block:
The feature blocks (blocks with an image, title, description and link) already in place can be simply removed or edited. While in edit mode just click the block/blocks and you’ll see what you need to do. To add a feature block click in an area,click ‘Add Block’ and choose from the ‘Bistro’ blocks at the bottom of left side panel or click the ‘+’ icon at top of page, scroll down and drag the ‘Foto Feature’ block to the area of your choice.

Feature block retina set up:
if you want to accommodate retina displays.i.e iPad, make both width and height half actual image size. i.e. 'File Manager' image is 480x 240 so make it 240 x 120.