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Review posted by mauricesuckling on at


The demo site for this theme looked very promising. Sadly I ended up having to spend hours fixing and tweaking it until it worked on my own site.

The CSS is disorganised and has a surprising number of errors in it - missing close-braces, entries ending in : instead of ;, typos ("padding-bototm"), malformed comment blocks. It seems like it has never been anywhere near the W3C validator. Run it against the demo site to see for yourself -

The font customisation options just didn't seem to work at all, plus there were two font options for 'Body', which doesn't make a lot of sense?

The colour customisation works, but only once you save the changes, not in the theme preview window. Perhaps this is a C5 quirk.

The auto-nav is hard-wired into the theme and can only be changed by editing the source. Which I had to do, as it was erroneously displaying sub-pages when they should not be being displayed (it displayed the cart checkout pages, which were set to be ignored) - the auto-nav configuration hard-wired into the theme was incorrect for my purposes and I was annoyed that I couldn't edit it via the C5 UI (or anywhere, bar editing the source)

Things like lists didn't display properly (as there was no further styling info beyond the CSS reset)

TLDR: if you want your site to look exactly like the interactive demo, then it'll probably be fine. Otherwise, prepare to get digging into CSS and source files to fix the problems once you start customising your product pages, etc.

For $30 I would have at least expected the author to have checked the CSS for typos... :(

Review posted by Chezam on at

Now I know...

Now I know why there are no reviews for this theme.
After you purchase it, there is no way to download it!
Obviously I'm going to open a support ticket, but it should not be this way. I did not have this issue with other themes I previously downloaded.

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