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Review posted by kelleygraham on at

great support and no surprises

i like c5 for it's success in making something complex, simple, without sacrificing power. Hi Vis is the first theme i've purchased in the marketplace. i'm very happy. support was prompt and responsive. i recommend hi-vis and 1976ltd without reservation.
Review posted by john20 on at

Hi-Vis is great!

I am new to Concrete5 and my first introduction to it was using a theme that was not working too well for me. I couldn't adjust a lot of the appearance to suit myself, which is what I was trying to do, to just put some basic formatting there that I liked so I could then work on content.

I found Hi-Vis and thought it looked exactly like what I was trying to achieve. I still checked other theme possibilities because I didn't want to make a mistake like I had already made getting my first theme.

I finally pulled the trigger with Hi-Vis and I have been very pleased with the results. I seem to be able to change the appearance to just what I want and I really appreciate that. Now I can easily make my site look the way I want and move forward with the content.

1.0.2 -

Review posted by webdesign4 on at

Geniales Theme!
bitte mehr!
I like your great theme - please make more!!!

1.0.4 -

Review posted by gkl3 on at

Great Theme, Great Support!

Absolute beginner here, yet the website I'm building off the Hi-Vis theme is looking great across all platforms. Thanks so much, Gareth, for your quick, clear and friendly support. I can't imagine a more successful Concrete5 experience, so it's a full five stars for you and Hi-Vis. Well done!
Best regards,
Review posted by Pather on at

A gorgeous theme and great support!

I am a novice and was a bit worried about how complex it would be to work on this theme. Sent a quick email to the author before purchasing stating my worries and I received a quick response which left me feeling confident to close the deal. Since then, it's been a bit of a learning curve but nothing I haven't been able to resolve myself by going through the forums etc on Concrete5 and for those bits where I got really stuck, the support I've received from the author has been nothing short of brilliant.
I'm still building the site but I am very happy with it's professional look and feel and have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending this theme and it's author.
Review posted by omniomi on at

Great theme for a good price.

I'm overall very impressed with this theme and more than satisfied with the value of my purchase. The theme is responsive, extensible, easily customized, and looks great.

There are a few minor things that bugged me but they were easily fixed with a few lines of css.
Response by 1976Ltd on at
Thanks Nick. Glad you're happy. Would love to see what your final site looks like.

1.0.6 -

Review posted by strongwares on at

My first c5 site, first theme: worked fully as advertised

I liked the dark looking theme, worked fully out of the box, no surprises.

The documentation was enough to help me get done what I wanted, and why I sprung for the purchase.

Anytime something works as advertises with just enough correct documentation is worth 5 stars...

1.0.8 -

Review posted by beforethelight on at

Excellent Layout!

I was able to set our page up very quick due to the excellent tools in this layout. Simple and efficient.
Review posted by brantwebmaster on at

Nice theme, prompt support

I have to echo the positive sentiments expressed below. Nice theme. Prompt support, even for customizations.

I have always preferred dark background websites, because they seem less "loud" and easier on the eyes. This theme is nice that way.

I recommend this product.
Review posted by fafoi on at

Well done and easy to work with

It's the best theme I ever seen.
Easy to find out what you are looking for and self explain.
Mobile friendly.
Great support too!

I strongly recommend.
Review posted by surfsupjoe125 on at

Great Theme

What a great theme. Showed to my client and she went nuts! Super easy to manipulate as well. Able to do minor code edits and achieve exactly what I want. BIG kudos on this one!
Review posted by netart on at

Hi-Vis support

Great looking theme, impressive background change feature!
When i saw the theme, it seemed like it would fit great for a client i had in mind.
At first it did, but i needed some changes in the code to make parts of the theme editable ( topnav etc) and could not do it myself, since i am a novice-midrange user of C5.
Have to admit that support was AWESOME and super-fast!
Helped me to do exactly what i needed, answering again and again my novice questions!
A big thank you,you got me off the hook!
Bravo Hi-Vis!

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