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Review posted by pjango on at

Great theme, even better support!

Jordi has obviously put a lot of work into building this great theme!
It really looks great on all devices, and thanks to his efforts it looks great on older browsers too. If you want a great, all-round one-page website theme. Look no further!
Wether you are an experienced Concrete5 user, or a total beginnner.
You will be able to create a stunning website in merely minutes!
Thanks a lot Jordi, I will recommend this theme to everyone I know!
Review posted by py2k66 on at

Very well built theme

I used Long Story Short for my daughters boyfriends fitness business and it is very effective and well thought through. You do need to read the documentation, its not a "wing it" theme. All the texts and images were prepared before hand but Long Story Short took the project from nothing to first presentation in 4 hours. You would need to try hard to make Long Story Short look bad (for me its not for blogs or e-commerce), if you approach Long Story Short in a minimal fashion you simply can't fail (famous last words).

Thanks and congratulations, one of the top C5 themes for me.

Response by jordif on at
Thank you very much for your review!
Review posted by witwag on at

Very clean parralax implementation

This theme works like a charm. Jordi made it mobile compliant after a request I posted - and he did it quite fast. The result is an easy to use responsive theme which works on laptop computers as well as iPad and Android mobiles and tablets. A very easy way to impress your clients! Easy to use, make sure you read the clear and detailed how-to.
Excellent. Buy it.
Response by jordif on at
Thanks a lot for you review Gil, you are very kind!

1.1.3 -

Review posted by stressdesign on at

Very well thought-out theme. Unlimited Uses

One of the best themes I've seen, and one of the best documented themes as well.

Very clear instructions on how to implement the many features in this theme allowing for unique end results that look like a custom design.

1.1.3 -

Review posted by msanderson on at

Great Theme, Great Support

Very, very happy with this theme and the support provided by the developer. He has been very prompt in answering questions and helping me fix problems.

I think the greatest benefit of this theme is that it helps you focus and deploy quickly. With a new site it is very easy to start adding pages and before you know it you have an almost insurmountable task to get it done. This theme helps you get the most important stuff out there quickly, and you can add more content in behind it later. It has been a bite help to me.

1.2.1 -

Review posted by fauners on at


Really good theme, lots of features and really customisable. Worked perfectly for a friends website, the guys were really happy with how it turned out.
Had one thing I couldn't figure out and Jordi got back to me within a half hour I'd say. Good job!

1.2.1 -

Review posted by SnowyMountainWeb on at

Outstanding theme. Fantastic support!

I am brand-new to Concrete5. (Did explore it briefly several years ago and abandoned it in favor of Joomla). Recently began looking for something with fewer moving parts, but also a CMS that is easy to customize.

This theme is brilliant! It is visually amazing. It is highly customizable. It is responsive across all screen and device sizes.

The visual appeal of this theme is only exceeded by the outstanding support from the developer.

I highly recommend this theme and this developer!

Review posted by theguideus on at

support, functionality, fixes

great theme, quick and helpful support, helped us fix even the little details of integration into our current site, theme looks amazing in a fancybox pop up. would highly recommend the theme and developer.

1.3 -

Review posted by jasonv on at

My site looks amazing

And it's all due to Jordi and the Long Story Short Parallax theme. The theme looks great, has a ton of functionality and the documentation is well put together. Thanks again!
Review posted by CharismaBusiness on at


Have nothing against this great theme. It is built very well, and has great cross-browser capabilites, built good for SEO as well. Fantastic... it you are looking to do a Parallax... use this puppy!
Review posted by chassa2556 on at

Great theme and a truly helpful and responsive developer

Due to time constraints I don't usually leave as many reviews as I should but this time I will definately do one. This is the first time I've used a parallax type theme and have come up with a fairly challenging design to put it to its best use. Jordi has been absolutely fantastic at helping me get the best out of this great theme. He has come up with really useful suggestions in a efficient and timely fashion. I've been using C5 for 4 years now and this guy is one of the best developers I've come across in helping add to the project. Many thanks and keep up the good work...
Review posted by bjalexander on at

Fabulous theme for the purpose

This is such a wonderful theme to work with when you're trying to tell a story. It's simple to use. The documentation is clear and the code is VERY well done. I've used it twice and have been so pleased with the results -- especially on phones.

1.3.2 -

Review posted by tbsk on at

Excellent stylish theme

This is an excellent theme. Easy approach, a great startup guide and good documentation. You'll have a stylish and trendy site up and running within few minutes.
Review posted by AnaNedic on at

The best parallax theme in the market

Thoroughly made theme, very tidy code. So many features, very customisable, so much possible without even looking into the code. Lots of positive feedback from my client and the site visitors. If I could, I would rate this theme with six stars.
Support fast and very helpful.

1.3.3 -

Review posted by Empraxis on at

Refined, Elegant, and Filled with Possibilities

Jordi's done marvelous work with this theme. It was exactly what I was looking for, ideal for a single page showcase. The thoughtful touches he put into the customization options show favorably throughout the package, and it was truly a joy to work with.

In just one day I managed to learn what I could do with it, design the concept I had in mind, and finish the six slides/pages I needed ( Surprisingly flexible, I recommend this gorgeous theme to anyone seeking an elegant, "single page" website that leaves a bold and lasting impression.
Review posted by msanderson on at

Really Great

Very happy with this theme, now looking at it for several additional projects.
Review posted by vamonosdaniel on at

Love the theme!

Simple and looks great. Having problems getting the slide content to center vertically, though. Even with the "full-height" CSS class name and the "centered slides" attribute, the content of my first and only slide is sticking to the top of the viewport. Any thoughts for something to try?

Thanks! Keep up the good work!
Response by jordif on at

first, thanks for the review :)

Can you post this in the support area?

(Also can you provide a link so I can have a look?)


Review posted by kelvinch on at

Great theme!

Jordi, i love your themes! My clients gave a good comment for your themes layout! You are good in helping me for all the problem i faced. Keep it up! Thanks!
Review posted by sme1972 on at

Fantastic theme with the best support

I have bought somewhere between 7-10 themes in C5 and this is by far my favorite to work with.
It obviously isn't for everyone, but if you are looking for that 1 page modern site, get this theme.
It is so easy to use and if you have any questions, the support is the best and quickest I have seen in C5 marketplace

1.3.3 -

Review posted by CharismaBusiness on at

Latest updates are great

I know I posted a review for a previous version, but just wanted to chime in again to say that the latest updates make this theme even more useful and awesome, This is, in my opinion the easiest to use and most feature rich parallax single page theme on C5.
Review posted by madeforspace on at

Great Theme

A really great theme to work with if you are looking for a Parallax solution.
The developer provides fantastic documentation and if required very responsive support.

A real five star theme.
Review posted by madesimplemedia on at

Great theme!

This is a great theme that's easy to use and works very nicely cross-browser and cross-devices, highly recommended!

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