No Custom Attributes

After installing the theme, you should see a list of "Long Story Short Options" in the Custom Attributes tab under the Page Properties.

If you're unable to see the Custom Attributes, you can try the following:

1. Installing and reinstalling the theme. 

a) Go to Dashboard -> Extend concrete5 -> Install, then click on the "Edit" button next to the theme and select "Uninstall Package".

b) Next, reinstall the theme again.

Uninstalling and reinstalling the theme should fix the issue in most cases.

2. Installing the Custom Attributes manually.

If the previous solution does not work for you, you can install the Custom Attributes manually.

You can choose to install only the attributes you need.

To install the attributes, you'll need to go to Dashboard -> Pages & Themes -> Attributes. You simply need to select the type of attribute (text, text area, etc.) and click "Add".

Here are the settings for each Custom Attribute (you can leave default values for all other options):

Hide Footer
Type: checkbox
Handle: hide_footer
Name: Hide Footer

Parallax Background Images
Type: checkbox
Handle: parallax_backgrounds
Name: Parallax Background Images

Slide Height (in pixels)
Type: number
Handle: slide_height_pixels
Name: Slide Height (in pixels)

Slide Height (as a percentage)
Type: number
Handle: slide_height_percentage
Name: Slide Height (as a percentage)

Scroll Speed (in ms)
Type: number
Handle: scroll_speed
Name: Scroll Speed (in ms)

Centered Slides
Type: checkbox
Handle: centered_slides
Name: Centered Slides

Google Font (headings)
Type: text
Handle: google_font_headings
Name: Google Font (headings)

Google Font (body text)
Type: text
Handle: google_font_body_text
Name: Google Font (body text)

Disable Responsive Typography
Type: checkbox
Handle: disable_responsive_typography
Name: Disable Responsive Typography

Bottom Arrow
Type: select
Handle: bottom_arrow
Name: Bottom Arrow
Values: White Rounded / Black Rounded / White Square / Black Square / Hide Arrow