Changing Product title font size

Hi Can you please assist me on this. My client is requesting to reduce size of the fonts for product titles in the product list. Which document I have to modify for this and which line of the code please. Regards Alex


i was purchased the merchwear theme how to i apply the css,images and js file

Merchwear stylesheet 2.0 needs updating

Testing my development site, trying to work out why ipad version was having issues. The online demo uses: [code] @media only screen and (max-width : 960px) [/code] Current version (2.0) seems to have: [code] @media only screen and (max-device-…

Product Detail page using Merchwear with ecommerce

Hi folks, Using Merchwear out of the box with ecommerce, the product detail page doesn't seem to diplsay any content. Could any other users with this theme confirm whether or not they are using the "Product_Detail" page type or the "Product_List" p…

eCommerce Express Compatability

Hi There I have to admit this is one of the best themes I bought. Would love to see in the future easier customization option for background and more... Question would this template be compatible with cheaper $35 "eCommerce Express" shopping soluti…

Product Page

Hi How did you set up the product page layout?

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