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Review posted by webdesign4 on at

Responsive Design

3 try - now answer
is it possible to chance this theme to a responsive design ?

4 try - now answer - is not ok only purchase things and not interestet to answer - soory , but i dont like this !
Response by c5themesCo on at
I'm not getting messages from reviews, please contact us directly. It's not OK to send a question with a star rating of 1 here. The theme in't responsive or sold as one. But you can make it responsive as it's built on Bootstrap.
Review posted by scdesign on at

Good looking theme

Good looking theme. Not the easiest them out there to configure, but did the job very well once you have a look into how it's put together.
Review posted by webdesign4 on at

NO support

Sorry, why do you not answer or help???
Sorry my english, but your support its not interested to help.
Best wishes!!

Response by c5themesCo on at
Hi Klaus,

Not sure what you are talking about, we can't see any support request on your behalf ?. Can you send us your e-mail address so we can try to locate it ?.
Review posted by entchurch on at

Great looking theme and support.

Fast and quick support. I wish I could edit page titles that show up on the page, but other than that, no real complaints.
Review posted by joelhansen on at

Clean, but a bit overpriced and missing real slide-show caption

Fine overall theme. I bought it and will use it to finish the client's site.

Support is responsive, but you really need to be a C5 developer for this theme. Not for newbs. The Home page type is fully supplied, in all of its 4-column over a 2-column-left-sidebar glory! You simply have to add it in Page Types (name and handle both "home"). This is annoying for inexperienced developers, but minor overall.

The live demo comes with a slick image caption that turns out to be an absolute positioned, static content block over a normal slide show. No associating text to change with images, and the slideshow image MUST be the height of the one (not supplied) in the live demo, or else it just falls out the bottom... A real, thoughtful slideshow block would have been nice. :\

Also, the little About Us "blocks" on the home page (4-columns of little "blurbs") are sort of there. The 3 1px outlines are there, but the "Uno", "Dos", "Tres" are not blocks or highlighting or a header, but a custom font on a custom image. Big let down...

The lack of customizable blocks that weren't explicitly promised but were flashy, artistic selling points of the theme is a big let down. What you're left with is a VERY simple, clean, white template. It works, but I don't find it worth the $35 price tag.



Reply to VivaTemplates:

"That's not quite right, those are just plain images generated from:..."
Exactly! They are custom images! That is exactly my complaint! By the look at the preview the hope would be that all words on the page are editable. When you use lots of custom images to give a template its look it can be misleading. What I am saying is that you should take out those images and make them editable text.

The area that contains those images are NOT blocks, but simply block areas where you can place a block. Big difference!

Preferably you would include 2 custom blocks with this theme: a custom slideshow with editable text that can be associated with each slideshow image, and a small custom block to fit on the front page that mimics the look of those small 4-column squares.

My complaint is that the content you displayed in your Live Demo is not easily reproducible, but requires custom images. That can be misleading...

If you do not choose to update the template with custom blocks, which is reasonable in my opinion with the steep $35 price tag, I suggest you at least make notes in your Live Demo. Write "This is static content that does not change with the images" in your banner caption. And replace "Uno", "Dos", "Tres" with "Image 1", "Image 2", "Image 3".

This is a fine theme, but what I'm saying is that your description and Live Demo are easily construed as misleading to novice C5 developers. And the large number of complaints in this review section along with the low average rating of the theme make it clear that you aren't really listening to any of your customer's feedback... :\


[email protected]
Response by c5themesCo on at
Hi Joel,

Just wanted to let you know that

"Also, the little About Us "blocks" on the home page (4-columns of little "blurbs") are sort of there. The 3 1px outlines are there, but the "Uno", "Dos", "Tres" are not blocks or highlighting or a header, but a custom font on a custom image. Big let down..."

That's not quite right, those are just plain images generated from:

You can do your own versions as you like, just check out

The area that contains those images are blocks, and you can do exactly what you wan't with it...

The theme is exactly as it is in the demo but the content isn't incl. as it's not possible within the Concrete5 packages...

Good luck!
Review posted by akingston on at

Easy to work with and good supprt

I think some notes about the use of the Uniform plugin would have been useful (maybe comments in header.php) as I'm not sure everyone will want to make use of it. Other than that the theme is easy to work with and the support I received when asking about the Uniform plugin was very prompt.
Review posted by zero7 on at

Works now

Hello, finaly I received the support and the theme now works great.
Review posted by ojeffmo on at

I should have listened to the other users... horrible support.

I really liked the look of all of the vivatemplates, however, when I went to install this theme it was not supported by the newest Concrete5 (version 5.5) even though it said so in the product description.

I really did not want to leave a bad review and just wanted a refund (or even a way to get it to work). Their support is pretty much useless. Good luck if you decided to try any of the Vivatemplates products.
Review posted by holger on at


No support since the last 14 days and no answers on 3 or 4 mails with the same question: How can I create those buttons - and don't tell me this css-class-thing. If I click on the link-class-dropdown-menu there are hundreds of classes and I have work with try and error to find the right one - without any success.
I the youtube video it looks very easy, but it isn't.
Review posted by zero7 on at

Hello vivatetemplates

How can I get your template to give me the result like the example (that I bought).
Tried several thinks. Also dowloaded some free templates and these do work !
pls give me some assistance.
Review posted by zero7 on at

Not working (like mentioned in the forum

Hello, I am also very disappointed. It seems that I bought a car from a leaflet but now it has no colour wheels windows stering etc. !!
I have the feeling that deceived. Pls solve this issue.
Kind regards
Response by c5themesCo on at
Hi Zero7,

You really need to send us a support ticket if you are having issues. Within 2% of users are having issues with this theme due to there Concrete5 knowledge. We can of course help you if you are having issues, but reviewing before you know what you are about to review is not a good practice.

Let us know if you need our assistance.
Review posted by cmach99 on at

Great Theme

Support could be a bit more helpful rather than impatient but overall money well spent!
Review posted by poddy123 on at

Clean and very easy on the eye

Great theme, and very easy to customise.

Good work and worth the money in my opinion.


Review posted by jonnytm on at

Clean & easy

Easy to use, easy to adapt, works well, fast support.

Downside: h1 are automatically taken from menu (page name) and its not possible to edit them within the page.
Review posted by 3CGroup on at

Clean and minimalistic

It's a great theme for a clean and minimalistic look. Mind you that the example reflects only the basic technical structure. Some examples are only pictures to give the page an extra touch.

Review posted by jostmey on at

Looks nice, needs a little more work

The theme looks really nice. That said, it needs a little more work. There are many small details that need polishing.

For example, there needs to be more of a space between headers and paragraphs. Right now, the spacing between two adjacent paragraphs seems larger than the spacing between the header and paragraph.

And the blog seems totally messed up.
Review posted by czachman on at


The theme worked perfectly for me. Simple, clean and professional.
Review posted by isonzo on at

Works well

It works very well for me.
@floh13 Did you read that message: "Note: After installing the template you need to select the "home" layout for the homepage." ?
You also need to copy additional "autonav" blocks from this template.
Review posted by floh13 on at

no working template

i have installed and activated the template. it does not work
Response by c5themesCo on at
It does work perfectly, you must be doing something wrong... e-mail us if you need assistance.

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