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Hi there,

first of all: nice theme, thanks!

here are some minor code-tweaks:

that the Orbit Slider uses also the duration and fading settings from the slideshow-block, just replace in /packages/theme_schoolbus/blocks/slideshow/templates/schoolbus.php line 20 to 23 with this:

<script type="text/javascript">$(function(){ 
      $(document).foundation('orbit', {timer_speed:<?php echo intval($imgInfo['duration'])*1000?>,bullets:false,animation_speed:<?php echo intval($imgInfo['fadeDuration'])*1000?>});

and to have the images fitting into the slider area and center them, you need to adjust in /packaes/theme_schoolbus/themes/schoolbus/css/foundation.css:

in ".orbit-container img" (around line 9) add
max-height: 100%;

in ".orbit-container .orbit-slides-container > *" (around line 39) add
text-align: center;


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DeWebmakers replied on at Permalink Reply

I have uploaded a new version of schoolbus with your changes.

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