The Schoolbus theme, an issue with slideshow.

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Hello everyone.
The documentation says that we have two options to implement a slideshow into this theme:
A. Put some images in the folder packages/theme_schoolbus/themes/schoolbus/img/slideshow
B. Put concrete's standard slideshow block in the Sitewide Slideshow area.

The option B) works fine, but theme is not responsive anymore. Slides spread beyond screen limits and got cropped, so visitor can see only middle part of each slide(image).
The option A) does not work for me at all. I put several images into the specified folder (according to the instruction) but I see only a black rectangle.

I think it is not enough just to put images into the specified folder, some setting should be done to fire up JS code which runs the slideshow.

Does anyone know how to implement plan A) properly?

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DeWebmakers replied on at Permalink Reply
The online documentation was outdated, I have updated it now.

Option A is not possible anymore, you have now the option to use the standard slideshow integrated with concrete and Schoolbus' custom template, or an other slideshow like:
MaxPad replied on at Permalink Reply
Thank you very much for the promptly reply.
Too bad that we (users) do not have the option-A anymore.

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