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Hi there,

My customer appears just lately to be having what appears to be caching issues with this website when she edit copy content on the site, which leaves some white blocks where my nav block is and to the left of the main content in the yellow area below the Facebook and Twitter links. When I go back into her site and clear the cache in the Dashboard/systems and settings, it appears to fix the problem.

This is an issue that has only just starting happening, but any thoughts on how to fix this please would be gratefully appreciated?

Thanks in advance


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DeWebmakers replied on at Permalink Reply

Checking into this....
DeWebmakers replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi David,

Could you give me a link to a page where this problem occurs (maybe a temp-page outside the nav so nobody gets hindered by it)
thebigideasman replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi, this is a sitewide issues and not related to any specific page. I'm happy to Pm you an dashboard login if that helps? Please let me know?

Thanks David
thebigideasman replied on at Permalink Reply
I have PM'd you the details.

Thank you

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