Version History

2.0.3- Add full width header area on page-type

- Add a option to chosse between 3 size of sidebar

- Fix flashing icon on nav

2.0.2- Fix full width navigation

- Fix pageProductCat attribute name

- Test if Atrtribute set Supermint exist

2.0- Add top_nav_hover option color.

- Add eCommerce product-list & product custom templates.

- Add magic header to right sidebar page-type.

- Fix Font page error when not connected to Internet.

- Add a option to select your own search page.

- Add options to the drop down navigation colors.

- Add Option to disable the fixed footer.

- Add 2 pages type: unbordered-right-sidebar & unbordered-left-sidebar.

- Add double tab & double click management on first level tab.


1.6.2- All subset to League gothic regular

1.6.1- Fix the pager on bxslider that appear with the 1.6

- Fix the bottom area in front of subnavs in edit mode

1.6- Add a class_exists('DOMDocument') for php > 1.4

- Improve the mega menu engine by adding ‘-before-’ and ‘-after-‘ to create full width content

- add option full_width_mega to display a mega menu as full with or under parent

- add mega_columns_width option

- fix the search box url


1.5.4- Add a option to disable the auto embedding top-navigation

1.5.3- Fix other <a> color issues on override.css and add color fix for C5 UI

1.5.2- Fix some <a> color issues on override.css

1.5.1- Fix the __DIR__ Magic constant on some servers

- Fix the missing search box on dropdown-nav

1.5- Update theme & icooon to font-awesome 4.0 ! 

- Add import/export option’s presets capabilities, start sharing !

- Add a option to manage displaying & color of the small arrow on the sliding nag

- change mysql row in SuperMintThemeSuperMintOptionsPreset 724_ratio to w724_ratio

1.4- Fix minor issue

- added jquery.fitvids in the footer

- Add .altbg class that contains the alternate color as background

- Fix top page info that appear when the option was disabled

1.3.1- Package version updated

1.3- Fix the ie7&8 issue on rev slider & flat_pie_chart

- ad a parent page link to the children nav pane

1.2- Add htmlentities for icooon.

- Fix color text on button

1.1- Add a optional selectbox for mobile navigation

- Fixed the title/description that appear when the option was disabled

- fixed the link color that was not take in care

1.0- Initial release