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Review posted by ufosystem on at

do not buy, it's useless!

Last updated 2014 and works only with Concrete5 v5.6!
Review posted by web089 on at

Sorry, but the developer gives no support!

Can´t understand why the developer gives no support. Bought a few licences.
Asked him by mail and in this forum but got no answer. I'm more than disappionted.
Review posted by RogerM on at

Do Not use any SuperMint platform in 5.6 or 5.7

The developer doesn't give a sh1t about his customers once he's moved onto another project. This theme used to be good when it was the current one but he hasn't kept it updated, does not respond to questions, emails, posts or any other form of contact. Maybe he'll regret that when I post what I think on Twitter. I wouldn't buy his current platform on 5.7 now either as no doubt he'll move on and won't keep it updated or respond to questions there either. Concrete5 should ban him as it brings them into disrepute too.
Review posted by perceptivecreative on at

Do not buy

There is no longer any support for this theme. The developer no longer supports the demo site or the e-commerce portion demo, and IS NOT responsive to inquiries. I am very disappointed. The e-commerce portion is difficult to implement without the demo site explanations. Do not buy.

Before 1.2

Review posted by pendragn on at

Great theme!

Had a good time using this theme, and the documentation and customization options made it easy to choose the design and layout I needed...thanks, and recommended!
Review posted by pendragn on at

Great theme!

Had a good time using this theme, and the documentation and customization options made it easy to choose the design and layout I needed...thanks, and recommended!
Review posted by pendragn on at

Great theme!

Had a good time using this theme, and the documentation and customization options made it easy to choose the design and layout I needed...thanks, and recommended!
Review posted by jagdecht on at

Love this theme

SuperMint is the most flexible and easily modified/configured themes I have use. Developer has been very responsive to the very small issues initially encountered. Keep up the great work Seb.

1.2 -

Review posted by maar on at

Innovative - Mind blowing - We used it of course...

We, Concrete5 Denmark ( decided to rebuild our site. Why? - Simply because we saw this theme. And what a building experience. We have never done a site as fast as this.

We had some small design issues, but they were easily overcome.

Very great job.

1.4 -

Review posted by asaucier on at

A landmark theme

This is the only theme I've experienced in it's class. This developer really knows how to provide a useable, customizeable, beautiful thing. Almost everything I wanted or needed to do had already been thought through and was nicely executed within the theme.

Prompt support, good documentation, fair price.

Thank you!
Response by sebastienj on at
Thanks you, your message warms my heart.
Review posted by catherinek on at

Cool theme

I know nothing about web development but have managed to play around with this theme. Slider and other features are impressive.

1.5.3 -

Review posted by 3CGroup on at

Just in one word "STUNNING"

In my view Sebastien always makes nifty little amazing plugins, until he started to work on themes.... That's when he showed off really his skills. I've never came across any theme like this. I build in Wordpress and Concrete5 but this theme is a must have for anybody who wants to raise the mark for a great website. The little present next to the other plugins that you get with the revolution slider is just beyond anything I know. I was so enthusiastic that I couldn't stop working with this template and it became an all-nighter. I can only imagine how much hours went into the design and coding. Also Concrete5 is an amazing tool and combined with this template it is a powerhouse. If it would be possible I would add 10 stars! Thanks Sebastien, I am looking forward for your next theme!!

p.s. I saw a lot of css and code for the e-commerce, is that right?

p.s p.s. You mentioned made with love, well it is also received with love.......
Review posted by mieke on at


You did it again Sebastien, wonderful job.
I used a lot of your add-ons in the past, some of them needed a bit of experience but always worked fine. So will this theme, i'm convinced by wandering through your demosite :).
Can't wait till your next project..
Thanks, Mieke

1.5.4 -

Review posted by dodoshark on at

Awesome Theme!

This theme is the reason why 'I've decided to try concrete5. Of course I've kept an eye on concrete5 evolution, however i was too lazy to try it as the "other" favourite CMS seemed to be fine. But, Supermint was like a revelation. I assume that if you are an expert user of concrete5, the using supermint offers unlimited possibilities and variations. If you are a novice user, then the demo site provided by the author of this splendid theme is the best tutorial you'll ever need in getting familiar with concrete5. Also, the goodies bundled with supermint such as Revolution slider, Icoooon, etc are only increasing the value of this unbelievable aesthetic theme to outer space :). Numerous custom templates - , excellent typography, multiple page lists, the awesome menu, all this are offering incredible possibilities.
As a novice, I've stumbled upon a few issues, probabbly because I am s little bit of a lammer , however the author offers invaluable feedback. :)
This is awesomeness!

1.5.4 -

Review posted by ctrmarketing on at

I´m falling in love

I bought this template 1 week ago I really like it so much. All the features and design options I can configurate without any changes in the source code...gourgeous. Thanks a lot for this template
Review posted by scdesign on at

Bargain packed goodie!

For the price you simply can't beat this theme. It's easy to use and packed with features. Good work and keep it up!
Review posted by DynamicFred on at

Terrific design

Thanks for a great theme Sebastien! I'm impressed with your response times and the ability to customize the theme.
Review posted by hasol on at

Very nice!

This is the most promising theme here with lot of addons and options.
Very nice!
Review posted by VOC1973 on at

Amazing Theme!!

Once again my main man has slayed me with a superb design! Super Mint is very easy to use and the response time for support is equivalent to lightning. Keep up the good work my friend, cheers!
Review posted by kjdkjd on at

'SUPER' Mint

Five stars for a truely great theme!

Author obviously put alot of time into the design, it shows in it's flexibility and thoughtfulness for allowing customisation

Recieved quick and helpful support to bring forward one of the theme's functions

I recommend this theme for all suitable websites

Review posted by web089 on at

Awesome theme

It takes some time to come familiar with the theme, but awesome theme - great work!
Response by sebastienj on at

I'm on vacation until January 28. Can you send me a message on that date if the problem persists?

Apologies for absence.

Review posted by sdgardone on at

Very good theme

Very nice theme with the functions and look I was wishing for our comic site. Simply amazing.
Review posted by lpsnoops on at

Awesome theme

I am right now working on this theme, and i must say, one of the best and complete theme i ever worked..

I recommend to every one.

Thanks and keep the good work

1.6.1 -

Review posted by beaconinsight on at

Yeah, Supermint Rocks!

This is the way all C5 themes should be built. It has it's own section in the Dashboard that makes it dang easy to select your layout, change colors, choose navigation options, select webfonts and more. The Revolution slider that comes with it is also very robust. I am spending less time buried in CSS code while having a site looking great in what normally takes 2-3 times longer. If it's near where you want to start from an appearance standpoint, it's worth the extra few bucks.

2.0.1 -

Review posted by cmillosh on at

No support, worthless!!

I've tried support, and asked for a refund as the product has no documentation other than a demo site.

If I was an expert in Concrete5 I would have developed my own theme, but I purchased this one with a promise of "hey I'll give you admin access to a site that tells you how to do it". Worthless theme for anyone starting out with Concrete5 and absolutely no support from the developer or Concrete5.

I'm going to wait another couple of days and if I don't get any help, I'm going to tell my bank this whole system is a farce and deny the charge.
Review posted by ziniatis on at

I am using this theme for 3rd time!

I bought this theme about 2 years ago, worked like as it is meant to work. I have bought 2 more licences ever since. Very happy, so far.
Review posted by barkingtuna on at

Great theme... just built a site with it and have another in the works.


Supermint is a feature rich theme with lots of extra out of the box. Thanks for putting so much thought into every conceivable scenario.

One thing I could not get to work, and it seems other have been asking for quite some time with no answer, was the social media links on the Team block. I modified it a bit to utilize the FontAwesome icons that the Icoon block uses instead, but it would have been nice to see a viable solution in the support thread.
Review posted by jonnytm on at

Really nice but lousy support

As I have tried to get a simple question answered for months now (even by use of Twitter since I did not hear from the developer through the concrete5-channels), I'm forced to post this negative rating.

The theme is really great, love to work with all the different options it provides but I am sooo annoyed and disappointed by the support I cannot leave a better review.
Review posted by CharismaBusiness on at

The MOST POWERFUL THEME on the Marketplace — Hands Down

Another top theme from Sebastian ! Man, this theme has so many options, ANY website in the world could be made on this theme... no problem. The responsive version is very well built too... the layouts are responsive... great... and the best part is the mega menu... whah! Awesome... I cannot get over how cool this theme is. I bought the whole eCommerce package with all the bells and whistles, and I can truly say I have used all of them.
Review posted by tailtwister on at

Flexible and fun theme

There's a lot under the hood of this theme. So many options and features make this one of the coolest themes we've worked with! Definitely want to see more stuff like this from the author!!
Review posted by sboivin on at

Nice theme

Nice theme

Review posted by Dean2013 on at

Nice theme

Nice theme. Support can be a bit slow to respond.
Response by sebastienj on at

I'm really sorry for your disappointment. I'm was very difficult to connect during last weeks (last months). I has added a message on all my marketplace items with a message that explain this, perhaps you don't see it. For now i'm back with awesome support !
Review posted by bottlefedbaby on at


After sending many messages, and after several promises and apologies from the developer for not getting back to me I am forced to mark this theme as low as possible as it wont work and I have been unable to get the support I have promised.
It is very disappointing.

If the developer wishes to respond to any of the last 4 PMs I have sent so I can sort the issue I would be happy to change this review.
Response by sebastienj on at
Since 4 years i'm really near to customers to help with the best support i can. I'm really sorry for this disappointment, i will help you as best as can for now.
Review posted by allcockm on at

Review - Beautiful Theme

Absolutely love this theme !
Review posted by jwebolution on at

My Favorite Theme

This was my favorite theme so far. It has so many really nice feature that it's hard to remember all of them. Very pleased overall.
Review posted by PineCreativeLabs on at

Fully Featured With Flaws

Lots of features and flexibility here. However, seems to have a number of flaws (ex. unable to add or edit blocks). Also lacks adequate support.
Review posted by plindelauf on at

Nice theme, but with some flaws and poor support

The good thing: a great looking theme out of the box, with useful and nice components and a well implemented configuration panels.

The bad things: it does have some shortcomings and bugs. I have reported all of them, but there is just no feedback whatsoever from the creator of the theme. So I feel like I'm left in the dark and I cannot count on any customer service.

The most important flaws for us are:
1. apparently unusable for multi-lingual sites (main menu and search box operates site-wide)
2. in order to add a page type, you will have to add it to the theme package itself, which hurts the upgrade path
Review posted by eoi on at

Great Theme!

Fully featured. What more to say?!

Maybe an additional code editable override.css in the backend would be nice
Review posted by kandeweg on at


I love the theme, I am very impressed. Within a very short time, like 2,5 days, I have a new professional, responsive website. I love the possibilities. The demo site is a great help. Very happy woman overhere!!!

The only 'minor' is that the design doesn't look good in IE9, and I sent in a question about it last Thursday and have not yet received a response. I guess it also applies to IE8? don't know.
Review posted by eubanksto on at

Moderate Learning Curve but Powerful and Professional

After purchasing, I got an email so that I could log into the demo site to see how things were done. That was amazingly helpful. I can't explain how much simpler that made things. This is a powerful theme but has a learning curve understanding how the mega-menu and nevi slider work. I would recommend it to anyone that has moderate experience with concrete5.
Review posted by HenryLach on at

Fabulous Theme

Great theme. The extra block types included have made creating a new site a snap. I come from the Joomla world and am never going back there. The combination of Concrete5 and Supermint have lowered my stress level considerably! Tx Seb.
Review posted by medianova on at

Great Theme

Theme is beautiful with a lot of options. Seb always do great job when it comes to design and functionality.
Response by sebastienj on at
I'm so sorry i really want to help you but out of my office since 3 weeks and new father!! I'm not in right position to provide fast support. I promise you to help you before the end of the week. Good support is really, really important for me !
Review posted by mwhite on at

Beautiful theme

There are so many options and features built in that I'm having a hard time choosing how I want to present the content on my site!
Review posted by Gugan on at

Pro theme

Very professional theme!! i recommended this theme!! Cool features thanks sab. Satisfaction guarantee!! Very good support.

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