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Two questions related to the search bar. On a desktop the search 'bar' appears as a circle. How can I display the magnifying glass in the circle? I dont believe it ever did before, but previously I had a search page just next to it, so that wasnt an issue. Now I just have a circle in my nav bar and it is not identified. The search function does work fine however.

Second question, is that on a mobile device the search "bar" / circle shows as an oblong shape which is oversized for the navigation bar. How can I make it a round circle and how can I make it smaller.

thank you

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CharismaBusiness replied on at Permalink Reply 1 Attachment
If you want a solution to the magnifying glass... you can do what I did..... upload the attached file to your file manager. It is a perfectly sized 16px16px magnifying glass....

Once the file has uploaded copy the file URL

Next, go into your hosting cPanel and fild the CSS file: /packages/theme_super_mint/themes/super_mint/stylesheets/screen.css

Find this part of the file:
font-size:13px;color:#fff;background:#fff url( no-repeat 2px center;

And replace this:

with the URL pointing to your newly uploaded search icon PNG.

Save your CSS changes and refresh the page

If you want help with this, email me: [email protected]
CharismaBusiness replied on at Permalink Reply
See the previous reply for the answer to the magnifying glass issue, but as far as the funny sized search circle, I don't have that issue on mine. I would have to see your site to diagnose. Let me know if that helps.
sebastienj replied on at Permalink Reply
YOu didn't see the magnify ? On wich browser ? Here works on Safari, Chrome and Firefox.
CharismaBusiness replied on at Permalink Reply
Hey Sebastien,

Yes, my magnifying glass disappeared about 6 months ago. I cannot see the magnifying glass even on your demo theme (5.6 version only... I can see the magnifying glass on the 5.7 version which I also use on separate sites)

I did the steps I outlined in the post above to replace your magnifying glass with mine.... I just assume that your PNG located at is no longer accessible.

When I go to in my browser, I get the following error:
This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it. The document tree is shown below.
<Message>Access Denied</Message>

So since the file is not accessible, it is not displaying on the 5.6 theme.... Thanks

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