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When I change the colors they are not saved, even though "Options saved !" is shown after clicking Save button.

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plindelauf replied on at Permalink Reply

I'm running into the exact same problem right now. Did you solve this and if so, how?

Thanks, Pascal
jdidora replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi Pascal,

I ended up not using supermint, because the settings weren't being saved and there was no support. There were also bugs with the way supermint was building the menu.

I downloaded bootstrap (getbootstrap.com) and it was pretty easy to implement. The only non-trivial part was writing a menu template to generate bootstrap classes, but even that only took a couple of hours. This way is faster as well, because there is less logic for dynamically building the page. Many of those settings belong in CSS anyways. Another advantage of doing it this way is that you can use LESS and SASS. It will be a bit more work, but I'm quite happy with the results of my own theme.

Sorry that I couldn't help. Good luck!

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