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Review posted by webdesign4 on at

navigaion doesnt work

The Dropdown Menue doesnt work well - sorry i thin i must change the template ;-(
Review posted by webdesign4 on at

navigaion doesnt work

The Dropdown Menue doesnt work well - sorry i thin i must change the template ;-(
Review posted by lackadaize on at

Nice sleek theme

Found this theme easy enough to configure and it looks real nice too.
Review posted by handksafetycomm on at

Upgraded Version -- 1.0.0

A previously good theme, but now does not work well with iPhones and or Advanced Forms and I can't seem to get the developer to respond.

The developer responded but the theme still does not work well with an iPhone -- it doesn't look professional at all.
Response by sarah3585 on at
The support question had only been active for a day. I always aim to respond to support questions within 24 hours. The theme works perfectly with iPhones (mobiles) the issue here is the theme didn't have the desired form styling for a particular block type, which I offered assistance on.

Before 1.0.0

Review posted by robhall on at

Great, clean and attractive Theme + Great Support

This theme has fitted our needs perfectly. It's very well constructed, very responsive and comes with some great little extras. We're really pleased with the way the site is turning out.

The support has also been fantastic too.

An all-round recommend from us.
Review posted by fabbo on at

Clean and easy to work with

I only have positive things to say about this theme. Support is great too.
Review posted by ideasponge on at

Top Marks

This theme is great and well worth the cost. The responsive elements work nicely and play nice with all the c5 core blocks we have tested. The designer is also quick to respond to any questions or concerns which is always refreshing.
Review posted by TorstenKelsch on at

Nice and easy

Normally, I build themes myself, but Tiger-Theme caught my eye, and I bought it for one of my own web sites. It is very easy to understand and to handle, and it looks modern and nice.
The colors (orange, grey and white) are perfect for my needs, and I only have to look for a few photos of mine to include them in the header section.
This theme is absolutely worth the fee.
Review posted by prashantjr on at

Simple, functional, yet elegant

Less is more in this case. The design adapts well to device, is easy to use, and has some nice subtle functionality. The finished product looks tidy and professional. For a beginner like me, it was an easy template to use and manipulate to my needs. Looking forward to more templates from this designer!
Review posted by ezeCreative on at

Perfect Fit!

I just happen to be looking through the Themes and noticed Tiger Theme. It looked very close to the mockups I designed, so why recreate the wheel. I have only been using Concrete5 for a few days and the theme was easy to install and it only took me a few hours to get my site up and running in production. The iPhone and iPad mobile views look great and I have already had customers comment on how great it is my new site supports their mobile viewing.

1.0.0 -

Review posted by bankras on at

Good Quality , good Support

This theme is nice, stable and so is the support :)
Even for addiotional questions, support is 100% ok.
Keep up the good work

1.0.0 -

Review posted by rpinel on at

Fantastic Theme

Very easy to use, and excellent support. Thanks!
Review posted by cpillz on at

Great simple theme.

This theme very clean, easy to customize and extend, and also reasonably priced. I highly recommend it.

In version 1.0.0 the two-column and three-column page types weren't actually two-column and three-column layouts, but that was easy to fix in the page type template by following the foundation 3 docs. I also changed the logo link to the DIR_REL variable instead of the root directory as sites in a subdirectory would link incorrect home directory, but this was also a minor fix.

I'm a fan of Sarah's designs and I'm looking forward to seeing what else she releases.
Review posted by developer99 on at

Nice Work Sarah! Do More Please!

Sarah has done some of the best looking themes in the C5 Marketplace. My only desire is that there be more real soon. I will buy them all. :)

I too have discovered Zurb and Foundation 4 through her work. Nice stuff!
Review posted by bitlife on at

Elegant, light and simple to customize

Elegant design & coding!
Thanks to Sarah's elegant work I discovered Zurb Foundation as simple but powerful responsive framework. Absolutely worth to buy.
Review posted by maccahutch on at

Love it!

I love this theme and have used it in a couple different sites. It is a great starting point for a clean, modern and responsive web site. I am looking forward to trying out the new theme 'Skyline'.

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