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Broadcasting is my past. I am now concentrating on my future. Since my retirement from Broadcasting, I have expanded my skills that I developed over the decades in designing and implementation of web presence. I am skilled and up to date in HTML5, Javascript, JQuery, PHP, mySQL, CMS, and Responsive design and much more. I am now working Concrete5. This is my CMS of choice. It is more robust than the popular ones. C5 is only limited by the developer's capability.

I also provide hosting services for web sites and am now working on a server that will offer Minecraft game hosting services out of St. Louis along with other web services.

I am old school and Open Source all the way. For my hosting environment, I use LAMP, CentOS6(Linux), Apache 2.2, mySQL, Postfix w/Dovecot, plus other Open Source services. On my personal computer, I am running Ubuntu 12.04. I do run Windows7 when I absolutely have to use Microsoft, but I do so integrated into my Linux desktop using virtualization software.

I am now available on a personal and professional level to help with Web design and development to my local community and the Internet at large. Please feel free to contact me at: [email protected] I also monitor Skype when I'm working, mostly from mid-morning Picific Time to late afternoon. Search Skype for AncientTom. I also monitor my Teamspeak server when on line.
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Lebanon, Missouri 65536<br /> United States

My Sites

When I created, it started as a static website. It is now a c5 Web Site. got a major makeover when I converted it to c5. This is my personal web site but is sadly lacking because of my attention to other projects.

I put on line, also c5 as an exorcize in creating a magazine style presence on the web.

I am presently working on a Website to offer game hosting services to those who want to run their own on-line multi-player Minecraft games. On my service, I am also offering optional turn-key Concrete5/Minecraft Web Sites to promote and support their games.

I am also involved in constructing an on-line Minecraft game of my own.

Past Experience

I have worked in the Television Broadcasting Industry as a Video Tape/Post Production/Studio Maintenance Engineer for about 35 years.

I started at NBC in Burbank in the 70s and went on to ABC Hollywood where I spent 18 years. I Built a Shopping Network Studio as an Independent Contractor. I worked for Criscraft Television when they were bought out by Fox Television. I worked over 16 years in this capacity. In my latter years, I worked Master Control, Technical Operations Center, and the News Room where I did editing of the On Air News product. This has been my professional experience.

All throughout my life, my personal interest has been with digital technology, Digital ICs as they emerged in the late 60s and Microprocessors in the early 70s. I soon discovered that I could create without lifting a soldering iron. I could make things run with a program and have it do the work. It's been all up hill and a pleasant rewarding struggle from there as I coursed my way through the different programming languages, networked systems together, and the joy of creating for the orld Wide Web when the Internet came along.

I have returned to Amateur Radio after letting my Ham license expire in the late 70's. I now have a General Class Amateur Radio Operator's License and was re-issued my original California call, WB6DDD.


Associations? I wish I had some. I seem to be alone here in the Ozarks. I have a friend who is also a web designer but he works with proprietary tools. He isn't old school like me so our work hasn't been able to merge.

Oh, by the way I do belong to the local Amateur Radio club. My call is WB6DDD/0


I have many years of college courses in the study of Electronics and Programming. My more resent persuit of continuing education is with Their on-line courses are very good and quite up to date.


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