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My Sites

Most Recent Concrete5 Sites I've Built:

Concrete5 sites I built for a previous employer (note that some of these websites have most likely been replaced by now, but if they are still concrete5 sites, then I am the one who built them):
Update 2019: Been busy with magento, hopefully going to learn to use the c5 store addon soon and switch to that instead.
UPDATE 2018: Since 2016 I've learned how to use tmux, run NixOS, and deploy VM's over Xen... all from the comfort of my secret coding laboratory :) MORE PLUGINS COMING SOON! Eventually I'l also begin publishing themes as promised.

Past Experience

I recently hired a very gifted designer to start creating theme designs for us.
I'm going to take these finished designs and turn them into the best fully functioning websites possible.

Postfix & mail server setup for bulk mail sending.

Update 2018:
Basic cryptography

Update 2019:
custom nodejs apps coupled with nginx such as an email list signup w/ management system built in nodejs

Past Experience

Linux Ops
Workstation Building
Unix Hosting
DNS, Email, SSL, etc...
Grew up in Flas with ActionScript 2 & 3.
Did some iOS programming when it first came out.
XFCE4 + Xmonad still beats gnome.
Vim for life.
Tmux is great.
NixOS is an AMAZING Linux distro for coders and admins.
VimFX for Firefox; rip

3D modeling & video editing in Blender

Now learning bare-metal hypervisor VM hosting with a XenServer through OVH; how exciting!


update 2020:
the themes are coming

Update 2018:
c5 projects where on hold for some time, but the good news is now the plugin department is back in business!

Past Associations:

Rimuhosting is STILL the bomb (
Concrete5 Slack ( which I have not used in years ) :


Now learning
more discipline and character

Certifications (always striving for):
moral proficiency


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