Ben Heneghan

I'm a self-taught web designer & developer specializing in concrete5 since 2009. The kinds of problems I've been known to solve are:

- Installing and upgrading concrete5
- Converting existing sites to c5
- Designing and coding custom themes and add-ons
- Designing and coding custom forms and functionality
- Creating custom login/registration pages and member areas with custom behaviors, emails, integrations, etc.
- Integrating concrete5 websites with 3rd party apps, such as social media, mailing lists, and CRM providers
- Integrating 3rd party e-commerce / shopping cart solutions
- Installing and customizing marketplace add-ons
- Designing and implementing custom video and audio solutions
- Designing and implementing blogs and audio/video podcasts, integrating with FeedBurner, etc.
- Integrating and managing 3rd party affiliate programs
- Designing and coding AJAX applications on top of c5's architecture

I provide a highly intelligent approach to design and development using web standards, best practices, and concrete5 conventions. Please feel free to PM me with any development idea.

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