The beta 6 version of concrete5 8.0 has been released for testing and feedback. You can download it here.To find out about the new features, see what’s in store for version 8. This version is good for site builders that are comfortable reporting and fixing bugs, and who are prepared to build their test sites from scratch. Beta releases are not recommended for production websites. Do not upgrade any of your production sites to the beta release. Betas are ONLY intended for testing. This version will not upgrade cleanly over previous betas, but you should test upgrades over

Add-on developers are encouraged to work with this release in order to prepare add ons for the stable release of version 8.

Community contributions

Community contributions are one of the key points that make open source software so great, and concrete5 is no exception. Here’s what we’d love help on:

Fix bugs by reviewing and creating patches. You can find a list of priority fixes in Github. If you're new to core development, check out our irc chat where you can get one-on-one help getting set up or see how to contribute to concrete5 core.

Not into coding?

Start by downloading concrete5 8.0.0-beta 6 and installing it! The beta still has bugs, and we need your help to discover them. Let us know what bugs you find and create and issue in Github. At the same time, you can enjoy learning the new functions of Version 8.

Translators, and documentation writers

It's never too early to focus on documentation and translations. We are looking for some assistance on writing express docs from a front-end (editors guide) and backend (developers guide) perspective. The attributes documentation in the developer's guide is a priority as well.

You can help grow our documentation by writing about anything you think might help other users on our documentation website.

If you can speak in different language, please visit concrete5 Transifex page, and click “Help Translate concrete5” button on the right top to help translate concrete5 into your language.

Massive thank you to everyone who helped contribute to the latest beta release.