The second release candidate for concrete5 version 8 is here! Featuring Express Data Objects, UI improvements, File Manager upgrades, User desktops, notification updates, multilingual improvements, better installation and much more, concrete5 8 is our biggest upgrade in years – and will be fully backward compatible.

Important Note

While this will upgrade cleanly over 8.0RC1, it will not upgrade over any earlier concrete5 version 8 betas. Please do a clean reinstall or upgrade your existing site. Always back your site and database before trying an upgrade.

How you can help

  1. Download version 8!
  2. If you find any issues with version 8, please report them to us on GitHub.
  3. Test add-ons with version 8. Especially add-ons that use custom attributes!
  4. Do you run a multilingual website with concrete5? Test version 8 with your site and let us know what you find! That are a lot of multilingual changes under the hood and we want to know if something breaks.

Download 8.0 Release Candidate 2