Looking for a way to make a little money and get some software on your resume? We're bringing on interns this year to help!


Our vision is to build a web for the greatest good. 

As a full service interactive media agency, PortlandLabs started building their own Content Management System in 2002 to satisfy needs no tools offered at the time. We created a CMS with a simple to understand editing interface anyone could feel comfortable using, which was also capable of powering complex websites with interactive functionality and many content managers. 

Over 6 years, Concrete CMS was fine tuned for commercial clients including the Ad Council, Kettle Foods, the U.S. National Guard and a wide range of early stage startups making communities online. In 2008, the team released concrete5, a fully open source content management system. It quickly became “Project of the Month” on SourceForge. PortlandLabs went on to spend the next ten years developing large websites for enterprise clients interested in concrete5. This work culminated in a multi-million dollar deal with the U.S. Army to power over a hundred websites in a compliance-driven environment, which fully launched at the end of 2020. 

Today, the PortlandLabs team is pivoting away from providing web-building services and is focusing on web-hosting for mid-market organizations. The expectation is this will enable a more deliberate pace to improve the core CMS and grow the project faster by focusing on marketing with a clear product to sell: hosting.

Every person is on their own journey, but if you’re looking for experience in the following areas we may be a valuable place to spend some time:

  • How Open-Source software really works behind the scenes. 

  • Being part of an open-source online community.

  • How a Content Management System works to provide digital publishing capability.

  • How to work in a small company with a great startup culture.

  • How to bootstrap a company. PortlandLabs has one owner, no investors, and is self-funded through project work.

  • How to transition a company from services to products.


We could use some help in these general areas:

  • PHP Development.

  • Testing & QA.

  • Documentation & Training materials.

  • Compliance Controls. 

  • Marketing Support. 

Pet Project

While there will surely be some brute force tasks we will expect some of your time to be spent on, but we also think it's important that everyone comes out of their internship with a compelling story to tell. We will work with you to identify a website that’s needed for something you care about. We will then give you space to host this site and the advice & direction needed to build it with Concrete. You will document your experience learning our software and help create improved documentation. You can expect your work to make it to our live documentation site. If you can find and fix a bug in the core, you can expect that to show up on your github profile forever. We’ll help you craft a case study for the project you build, and you’ll have a problem you delivered a solution for to talk about in your next hiring interview!

Compensation & Scope

$20/hr, no more than 32 hours a week for no more than 12 weeks. 


Q: Do I have to be a college student?
A: Nope, we're all attending the school of life. Anyone is welcome to apply. 

Q: When does it start?
A: As summer does and schedules allow. Late May to June. 

Q: Do I have to move to Portland?
A: Nope. We already were distributed before covid and now we're very much virtual. As long as you have a good internet connection, a computer, and you're willing to jump through some upgrade/security hoops for our compliance officer's satisfaction you can be part of the team from your bedroom.