We had a great time reconnecting and chatting about concrete5 at the Town Hall last Tuesday. Here's some of the big take aways:


  • The feedback from the File Manager user interviews is here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1jU7kcholhZAbnJ_519IuBDmVf307WNLD-S3iD-XKGAY/edit?usp=sharing In broad strokes, paging and advanced search can be easily improved and having a detail page for each file instead of all of these modals would be great. Gary's going to start working on some visual ideas. 
  • Badges and karma are important. Myq is going to continue to spread out karma points manually and a discussion around re-valuing how many points get assigned to which actions should be happening in Slack. 
  • The API docs need a new system for auto-generation. The current one is end of life and it also creates new URLS every time its run. We'd welcome some input on a better way. 
  • Search on the docs (and concrete5.org as a whole) needs improvement. We're investigating better services to use. 
  • The partner program needs to be revisited and made more meaningful. This could help drive better case studies as well. 
  • New forum to coordinate efforts on documentation: https://www.concrete5.org/community/forums/documentation-requests/

Those were the big topics, thank you to everyone who found the time to attend. We'll chat again soon!