5.7.5 isn't quite production ready but we'd love your help in testing it. Download the release candiate today and send us the bugs that you find!

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Full list of what's changed in 5.7.5

5.7.5 is going to be a big release. It features

  • A completely new mobile device preview, with the ability to preview a page in different devices, including support for device rotation and user agents.
  • Lots of grid improvements, including customizable layout presets at the theme level, defined in your theme's class file.
  • Design controls for layouts themselves, including custom templates and layout classes (including a parallax image custom template.)
  • The ability to hide content at different responsive screen sizes at a block or area level (found within the design controls)
  • Grid container improvements
  • Multilingual support for stacks and global areas
  • Much, much more.