concrete5 8.3.0 is now available, and it features a ton of updates. 

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Full Release Notes

Read on for more about what's new.

concrete5 8.3.0 folds the core team's Document Library and Calendar add-ons into the core!

The Document Library add-on lets you easily place a list of files on the front-end of your website. Filter by folder or file set, provide a simple search interface, control the styling of results and more.

The Calendar add-on is very powerful, and the version we have integrated into the core more powerful still. In 8.3.0 you now get:

  • The ability to add multiple calendars to your site
  • Join pages to calendar events
  • Calendar events are a separate data model from pages.
  • Custom attributes on calendars
  • Event List, Calendar and Calendar Event blocks
  • Calendar and Calendar Event custom attributes.
  • Detailed permissions at the calendar level.
  • Workflow integration with calendar events.
  • Version control for calendar events (!)
  • A powerful recurring event model that works even with event versioning

Additionally, 8.3.0 features a new Geolocation Framework, with the ability to automatically geolocate addresses in the core, new command line utilities, improvements to the Select attribute, improvements to CKEditor configuration, and a ton of smaller improvements and bug fixes. Please download it and help us test it today!

Important note: currently, you must update to be 8.2.1 before you can update to 8.3.0. This is because some changes in 8.3.0 require that database migrations run in a precise order. If you are on an interim version of concrete5 (or a release candidate released after 8.2.1) and you get a database error complaining that the column cIsDraft is not available, run this command from your web root, when logged in over ssh or in terminal:

    concrete/bin/concrete5 -n migrations:execute 20170803000000

this should create the column and run the commands necessary to allow the update to complete.