concrete5 8.4.1 is now available! This our first release in a month, and contains some useful bug fixes and feature updates! It is recommended for everyone running 8.4.0.

Some new features in concrete5 8.4.1 include:

  • Added the ability to automatically deactivate users based on how long it’s been since they’ve logged in
  • Added the ability to save search presets for users and pages and Express objects. (thanks marvinde)
  • Added the ability to sort block types and block type sets in the Dashboard (thanks mlocati)
  • Added a Draft List block type to the Waiting for Me screen in the Desktop (thanks marvinde)

Additionally, JeffPaetkau helped fix a tremendously irritating bug where adding a form block with multiple text controls in a row would frequently trigger an error. Thanks Jeff! There are many more small improvements and bug fixes as well – check out the full release notes.

Download concrete5 8.4.1 >