We've just released version 5.0.0 of Concrete. While we've been happy with the stability of C5 over the past few months, we've been fixing security issues, issues with certain system configurations, and trying to make the installation and configuration of the system even more elegant. Here's what's been changed in the latest and greatest: * The password salt was somewhat insecure when used along with the "remember me" cookie. The password salt is now upgraded to a mixed case alphanumeric string 64 characters in length. * orig_path_info should be checked before path_info if it exists, and should hopefully lead to C5 working a bit more uniformly on system that run PHP5 as a CGI. * Uncaught exceptions should not duplicate body tags, header stuff, if they're being displayed inside a theme. * Separate ADODB_Exception handler is caught. * C5 should only display exception database information if we're not in production mode * Give the ability to log exceptions (including DB related) independent of whether errors are displayed, etc... * Improved security when reading items in the tools/ directory * Direct access of scripts is now no longer available * Jquery UI is all 1.5 stable EXCEPT date picker, which uses Jquery UI 1.6b, to get around a bug in the date picker. * Click FULL site name in default template and green salad template to actually go back to the home page * You can clear logs from the dashboard. * Bug testing "packages/applications" functionality for later usage. Enabling applications in dashboard UI. * Fixed some line endings in search classes that may have caused problems for some users. As always, please let us know if you have any problems upgrading or using C5. You can download this release from our [SourceForge page.](http://www.sourceforge.net/projects/concretecms/)