In November Andrew quietly launched a brand new concrete5 documentation site. How to develop add ons, how to make templates, how to upgrade concrete5, tutorials - its all there, and now its easier than ever to navigate.

The previous docs hosted on, have now been entirely migrated to the new site. The legacy documentation will remain online, but all new information and updates will be made solely on our new Notices have been added to the wiki just in case you cant find legacy doc, but in short, make sure to change those browser bookmarks!


The goal of the new docs site is to make it easier for you to find answers to any questions you have about concrete5.

Notice the huge search as well as the filters to the right. These have been arranged to make finding answers easier.

This site is an improvement over our old site in every way:

  • Built on concrete5 5.7
  • Community Powered anyone can sign in using their username and password and edit editor documentation, developer documentation and tutorials
  • Easily submit new editor and developer documentation, as well as tutorials
  • Tutorials offer the ability to specify which questions a particular tutorial answers, and then search by those questions.
  • All documentation pages feature conversation blocks added to them, with the ability to monitor conversations via email.
  • New API doc appearance, and the ability to download the API as a ZIP file
  • Code snippets are automatically syntax highlighted
  • Editor documentation uses WYSIWYG editing; developer documentation uses a completely new markdown editor, with support for drag-and-drop image uploading.
  • All submissions hook into concrete5 workflows, so we can quickly vet and approve documentation.

Cant find what youre looking for on the documentation site? Try our forums. The Building with concrete5 is a great place to start, but if you still see no answer there or on the Forum, add a new thread to the jobs forum and you can find some paid support.

Enjoy the new documentation site, and if you have thoughts or feedback, you can discuss that right here. We will be continuously improving the documentation site, so your feedback is extremely valuable to us.