concrete5 is a content management system beloved by small businesses for its ease of use and stable flexibility. The CMS was originally designed to be a toolbox for web design firms providing custom design work. Over time the toolset has become so easy to use that clients are building their own basic sites with little to no technical know-how, and they're buying more and more prebuilt themes to make their websites look great.

The project has always had an active marketplace of both free and commercial extensions but compared to older projects like Wordpress the number of themes available today is relatively small. Even so, the more popular themes can easily earn production web designers thousands of dollars with relatively little ongoing support needs.

A contest for converting themes will start this November 15th. Every participant who submits at least 5 approved themes will win at least one add-on license, and the rewards go up from there for both quantity and quality submitted. The goal is to get over 30 approved themes added to the marketplace in 30 days.

"The community came up with this theme contest on their own," says Franz Maruna, CEO of Concrete CMS Inc. "Zoiig suggested it in the forums and LucasAnderson helped him build out the idea. All we've done is add licenses for some of our more popular commercial add-ons to the prizes. I love being part of such an active community."

If you're a theme developer for Drupal, Joomla or Wordpress; a designer looking to make something new; or even a production programmer willing to convert some free themes from other sites; this is a great time to get involved with concrete5.

More on the contest: