If you live in Europe, I’d love to meet and say “Hi” this fall. It’s wonderful to learn what people have built with concrete5.

In the last reconfiguration of the PortlandLabs team, we went just about entirely virtual. Now my family is taking advantage of my “work from anywhere” promise, and we’re galavanting around Europe for a few months this fall.

These plans are still coming together for our big trip, but I know I’ll be available to meet on these dates and locations:

London - Thursday, September 29th

Florence - Monday, October 10th

Vienna - Thursday, November 3rd

Munich - Friday, November 18th

I don’t know what location, time and venue is appropriate - so I’d love your input.

Generally, in the States, I’d pick a pub and meet from 4pm-7pm for happy hour. Given the rich tapestry of cultures out there, I’ll let you guys tell me what feels right. If you’re in any of those areas and would be interested, I'd love to meet and learn about what concrete5 can do for you...