This thing on?? * tap-tap *

Wow, it's been an embarrassingly long time since anyone looked at this wordpress blog. First, lets pass out blame for that:

  • Time – once you have children it stops being endless.
  • Twitter – who knows what that thing is gonna become, but it does kinda take a big slice of motivation out of anyone posting to a blog. While crafting the perfect 140 characters isn't "easy," it does always seem like the shortest path when you have something new to announce. I'm not arguing that's right, there's certainly a lot of crap content with no real voice there – but still. I think every one's kinda knee jerking over there for news announcements these days.
  • Do concrete5 and WP compete? Sure kinda. I guess we say we do on our about page, so *shrugs*. We've talked about this here in the past. My view is concrete5 is a flexible CMS (legos), while Wordpress is a really nice Blog (Barbie). Both have value. We never tried to recreate the blog editing experience with concrete5 – but along came some 3rd party developers to do just that. Now there's kinda an unspoken question of why our blog isn't in concrete5 and frankly the answer is just Time, again.
  • Me. The buck stops here.. ;)

So what's happened since MAY of last year??! Ugh.. well.. a lot!

  • Launched the marketplace, had it grow dramatically, fueled by the work of 3rd party developers as much as us.
  • Rebuilt the way we do hosting and started developing a true server management application for running multiple concete5 installs on a box.
  • Launched a few versions of concrete5 that changed around all sorts of stuff nicely.
  • Launched eCommerce add-on, Launched Discussion Forums
  • Built a concrete5 cyborg that is laying waste to the American west.

Okay so that last one was a lie, but what's going on right now?

  • We're just about halfway towards our fund-raising goal for going to SXSW! Thanks to all our donors.
  • We were just given a few pages in The New Rules of Marketing & PR by David Meerman Scott. I guess transparency and community are the new big things in marketing, and happily – we're good at ‘em already! It's certainly worth picking this up if you're trying to bring your company into the 21st century – he does a great job covering everything in detail.

What's next?

Meh. I'm all tuckered, this is waaay more than 140 characters.. you'll just have to stay tuned to find out.