Yesterday, I was lamenting the fact that searching (specifically, finding the search input field on the website) wasn't as easy as I thought it ought to be.

Todd, one of our excellent developers, came up with a great solution for those who use Firefox: a custom Firefox search plugin. His original used to search, and while I can appreciate that, I'm hoping that our search has improved to the point where that's not necessary. With that in mind, I've tweaked it so that it searches directly.

Download the concrete5 Firefox Search Plugin

Installing the search plugin:

The following instructions assume that your copy of Firefox is in a standard location.

First, download concrete5.xml above, and then…

On Windows: Copy it to "C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\searchplugins"

On OS X: Copy it to "/Applications/"

Restart Firefox and concrete5 should appear in the search engine list, below the search field, complete with a nice icon. Thanks again, Todd. You may have even given me a reason to occasionally ditch Safari.