Today concrete5 documentation is focused around technical developer docs, and more interface focused editors guide. There’s also a searchable collection of Tutorials, which are typically short and very task specific. We want to create a new Implementation Guide.

This Implementation Guide would be written for a Production Web Developer. They already know PHP, MySQL and some modern development frameworks. They know CSS/HTML. They know about the web development process as they’ve worked on larger teams and with clients. They’re professionals who have limited time, high curiosity, want to ask hard questions and make progress quickly.

The Implementation Guide would take you through the process of architecting and building a semi-complicated website. It would loosely follow the typical web project life-cycle covering all aspects, from architecture to hosting & launch strategies. After understanding the full Guide, a reader will be able to successfully implement a well built concrete5 install for a moderately complicated website.

We're not going to get this done on our own. We are happy to provide complete access to our team, process, thoughts and approach across one or more projects in Slack. We’re looking for an experienced tech writing resource who can get up to speed on concrete5, and interview/work with us to author the Implementation Guide.

This is a contract gig. To apply, goto our Contact Form and say "I want to write the Implementation Guide!"

Then tell us a little about:

1) Do you have any PHP experience? The audience for this is web developers who are familiar with HTML/CSS/JS and have intermediate expertise at PHP. We're not trying to recreate existing learning for PHP, we're trying to explain to a developer how to work with concrete5. Can you speak some to your experience here?

2) Can you point me to some examples of your writing online or in book form that you feel are close to the implementation guide type need we have and we can review?

3) What is your rate, availability and sense of total cost for this project?

Thanks gang!