You know and love Andrew's code, and maybe you've been lucky enough to get some answers from Andrew directly in the past. Well as the project and core team continues to grow, it's time for our CTO to pass the torch on much of our training sessions to less senior staff.

This special developers intro training session will be the last time you'll ever hear Andrew explain the overrides directory, talk about single pages, and walk you through making a block. If you're an experienced developer who is new to concrete5 and looking to get the lay of the land, this is the perfect class for you. Even if you're a concrete5 pro, chances are you'll learn something - and of course you get a chance to ask your questions during the last hour of Q/A.

This exciting class will happen at 10AM Pacific on April 25th.

Covered Topics

  • Glossary and Terminology
  • Dispatcher & Application Flow
  • Template/Theme Engine
  • Block Architecture
  • Logging and Debugging
  • Safe Forking and Overriding of Core Code
  • Layout of the concrete5 Filesystem
  • Dashboard
  • Basic Choices in Architecting Web Applications


Understanding of web servers and an intermediate understanding of PHP.

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