launched on time. We're cleaning up a lot of details around it, but we've also got a lot of c5 work to do. We need your help:

1) We're building a marketplace/community so if you're building blocks, making themes, or building sites with c5, tell us about yourself or your shop. There's a lot of exciting details around how this site will work, but we don't want to spill the beans. Suffice to say, you'll be able to sell stuff you've already made that works with c5, and you'll be able to find new work for hire as well. We'd like to launch this store with some real content, socontact us through the c5 site.

2) We're looking for solid hourly PHP contractors from around the world. We work online using a combination of IRC, IM, and a task management system – if you write great code we don't really care where you do it from. If that sounds like your cup of tea, we'll want to see a resume and an example of something you've written to work with c5. You can reach us in #concrete5 on efNet, or through the forms on

3) Hosting providers? We're rolling out another server to deal with the requests we're getting through, but in the picture – we'd love to have a partnership with an existing company for hosting. If you're part of a well established hosting company that's interesting in partnering, we'd love to hear from youtoo!

So exciting times folks! Just a couple of dashboard improvements left to do before we upload another build and drop the "beta" from the version number.