We want to show off concrete5 at SXSW, and we could really use some help getting there.

We've never asked for much beyond your attention since we went free and open source some 18 months ago. We've gone from a dozen clients around Oregon to over 100,000 downloads and 25,000 active sites with almost 14,000 members in our forums - we've built something people love and depend on.

As you probably know, we haven't got deep pockets and we haven't spent much of anything marketing concrete5. With a few small exceptions, it's always been word of mouth for us, and that's helped grow our project at a nice organic pace. 2009 has seen a lot of great additions to concrete5 including ecommerce and forums, and we're eager to share what we've all built here together with a larger audience. SXSW is the perfect venue.

So ask yourself:

  • Has concrete5 saved you time and money?
  • Do you think the world would be a better place if it was easy to express yourself on-line?
  • Do you work somewhere that wants to associate themselves with a great Open Source community in a easy public fashion?

Well if any of those ring true for you, this is your big chance to help. We've got some cool promotion ideas going on including a takeoff of MillionDollarHomepage, so you'll get some value for your dollar - and of course we promise to do you proud at SXSW and raise some eyebrows.

Help position yourself as a savvy early adopter, help send us to SXSW!

Thank you very, very much for however you can help.

- Franz Maruna
CEO concrete5.org