Thank you so much for the great design work Clevyr!

There's a lot of features we have 90% done that we just couldn't figure out how to launch and test without getting the basic look and feel up first, so I don't want anyone thinking that we're done and heading off to Hawaii for a month. Basically we plan on updating at least once a week for the rest of the month until we've got everything just so.

At a glance right now we've actually turned some things that were working on the old site off, just to get things behaving. Here's a list of what we're already worried about:

o.. Showcase just got hidden, only so much time in the day, that comes back next.

o.. Karma got automated so you don't have to worry about us making cute videos to get prizes. We'll have a pool of licenses that we award from automatically each week. If you're a 3rd party developer and want to add yours to the mix you'll be able to do that.

o.. You'll notice some of the add-ons now have a 5-pack price for bulk discounts. We've got the ability to put together some custom deals as well where several different developers can clump their add-ons and themes together into a single purchase for a different price. We'll also be doing a WOOT style deal of the day with that.

o.. How-to section has an awesome new look, we actually have a lot of content to add there too. The basics section will be getting smaller and better written. The table of contents will be coming back to docs in some capacity.

o.. Refunds will be grantable by 3rd party developers instead of just us, and they will actually remove the license in addition to providing a site credit.

o.. Twitter is more deeply integrated into everything with automatic posts on interesting events. New add-ons and themes get stuck in the news feed too. etc.. Oh, check out the blog section, we're still getting the old content over but finally no wordpress blog for the shop. ;)

o.. All sorts of details. The content is being cleaned up everywhere. The forums will likely get a different landing page. The my account area will get a different landing page.. etc..

So that's off the top of my head, but I'm sure I'm spacing all sorts of other things I just said "stick that on the back burner and lets launch" to in the last few weeks.

So thanks so much for putting up with the site being down today, and all your help and feedback.

What do you think of the new design?
What ideas do you have that we should add?