If you're not a regular viewer of Totally Random you may have missed the complete overhaul of the Advanced Permissions system we've been working on in the next version of concrete5. We're getting ready to unleash it onto the world, and we wanted to take a moment to share our schedule with you.

Screen_shot_2012-07-17_at_4.06.24_PM.pngJuly 18 -> 27th - Wrap up

We're tinkering with this, tweaking that. We've got a few different branches to merge back together. We're doing some work that will allow us to dramatically improve the API docs. All of that will get dialed in before the last week in July.

August 1st -> 10th - Alpha

We're going to have an official alpha period here where we're still entertaining the idea of including new code in 5.6. Frankly that really begins right now, Andy's wandering through Github looking for ripe fruit as I type. If you've got something you really feel should be in 5.6 - you need to be working on that NOW.

August 11th -> 25th - Beta

No new ideas included any more. Just bug testing, bug testing, bug testing. If you've got some time to beat stuff up, particularly if you've got a site that is using advanced permissions today, this is the two week period where we're frantically going to make all the details work perfectly-ish.

August 28th - LAUNCH 5.6

I'm already buying streamers and party poppers. We plan on making it an official release that tuesday and then slowly adding it to the various auto-installers and whatnot out there over the subsequent week or two. Barring the inevitable 5.6.1, we're done with the thing and stable by the end of the month.

So there it is, a plan. Posted here, and cross linked in every possible medium I can imagine. Let there be no jibber jabber about transparency, we're clearer than cleaner here. ;)