While concrete5 can support multiple authentication methods, and has built-in support for OpenID (in addition to the core concrete5 authentication method), there's no framework for building these authentication methods, making their settings available to administrators in the dashboard, grouping them on a login page or managing which authentication methods are available or how they are displayed. The Authentication Framework will change that.

The complete goal for the Authentication Framework is to normalize built-in authentication and OpenID, and make it easy to add and manage third party authentication methods like LDAP, Facebook Login, Twitter login, and more.

Download Complete Specifications

Our plans and desires for the Authentication Framework have been completely spec'd. Download PDF >

Help Make This Happen

We would love community help with this, with code submitted through Github pull requests to the official concrete5 project repository.


Help make this happen and you can win 5,000 karma points, along with a prominent place in the version history section of the site when the code is released.


Figure out how to help this happen, or give us feedback in this discussion thread.